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The Board of Directors (BOD)

The Board of Directors (the Board)

The Board is responsible for setting the strategic objectives of the Group and its Risk Appetite, Corporate Governance framework, active contribution in the Bank organization, bearing responsibility related to the Bank’s financial soundness, safeguarding the interest of shareholders, depositors and other stakeholders, focusing on risk management and governance, enhancing internal control systems and internal & external audits. 

The Board comprises of nine (9) non-executive Members with varied backgrounds and experience. 

The Board is also in charge of overseeing the following tasks:   

  • Creating and delivering sustainable value through the management of the Group’s business by determining the strategic objectives and policies to deliver such value. 
  • Approving the overall strategic direction of the Group within a framework of rewards, incentives and controls.
  • Determining and approval of the Group risk appetite
  • Ensuring that the Executive Management maintain an appropriate balance between promoting long-term growth and delivering short-term objectives. 
  • Establishing sound standards of Corporate Governance in terms of Board practices, Executive Management functioning, risk management & internal controls, remuneration, organization structure, and disclosures & transparency.  
  • Ensuring the management maintain a system of internal controls which provides assurance of effective and efficient operations, internal financial controls, and compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Demonstrating ethical leadership and promoting the collective vision of the Group’s purpose, corporate values, culture and behavior. Directors must act in a way they consider, in good faith, would promote the success of the Group for the benefit of the shareholders as a whole.
  • Protecting stakeholders’ rights, and monitoring the implementation of the design of key policies and procedures in the Group related to that protection