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Disclosure and Transparency

The Group is committed to providing timely, consistent, and accurate information to its stakeholders, which is consistent with legal and regulatory requirements within transparency framework. It ensures consistent disclosure practices are applied and all members of the business community, including individual investors, have prompt and simultaneous access to the disclosed information. Accordingly, the Group has adopted a Disclosure and Transparency Policy containing the details of its disclosure requirements (financial, non-financial and regulatory disclosures), the guidelines for the Group’s internal communication, and corporate responsibilities.

The Group Disclosure and Transparency Unit is an independent centralized function responsible for administering and organizing the disclosure process within the Group. It is also responsible for providing timely, accurate, high-quality and consistent information to internal and external stakeholders.

The Group and its subsidiaries (both local and overseas) cooperate with all regulatory authorities in jurisdictions where it operates , supplying them with accurate and timely information so as to comply with the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations. The Group Compliance Officer is responsible for dealing and communicating with the relevant regulatory authorities.

The disclosure framework covers the key quantitative and qualitative information related to financial performance and financial stability, risk management factors, remuneration, Corporate Governance, related-parties transactions, conflict of interest, substantial changes on business and others.