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KSA: NBK – Saudi inks SAR 110 million credit facility with MEPCO


National Bank of Kuwait – Saudi Arabia (NBK Saudi Arabia) announced that it has inked a Sharia compliant credit facility agreement with Middle East Paper Company (MEPCO). The facility is guaranteed by a SAR 110 million promissory note.

Mr. Hani Yahya Al Ghalib, General Manager, National Bank of Kuwait – Saudi Arabia said: "The terms of the credit facility agreement extends from July 31, 2017 to May 31, 2018, renewed annually." He explained that MEPO will use the facility to finance its working capital and capital purchases.

Mr. Ghalib added that NBK continues to search for attractive investment and financing opportunities in the Saudi market; as it strives to provide a full range of commercial banking services to its customers covering diverse sectors such as commercial finance, contracting, retail, and treasury.

He highlighted NBK’s capability to provide all corporate banking services in the GCC in general and Saudi Arabia in particular, as one of the key markets for NBK, considering its considerable weight in the region. He also pointed out that NBK seeks to form strategic partnerships with major Saudi companies.

Mr. Ghalib added that NBK is positioned as one of the top-ranking banks in the GCC, thus enabling its future growth. NBK is the largest banking group with a very strong liquidity position among its GCC peers.

It is worth noting that NBK opened its first branch in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah in 2006, as part of its strategy aiming to capture the close ties linking between Kuwait and Saudi, through providing full commercial banking services across a broad spectrum of services to NBK’s local customers. 

NBK - Saudi Arabia has a team of highly qualified client relationship managers with great expertise in developing and delivering tailored banking solutions that suit clients’ needs and demands. The bank participates in numerous local deals, drawing on the extensive experience provided by NBK Group in projects and co-financing activities.

The Bank's branch in Jeddah cooperates closely with its counterparts in the vast network of NBK Group and its subsidiaries, which provide ample support to its clients and their cross-border transactions, as well as enabling them to meet their other global investment needs.

NBK enjoys the widest banking presence with a local and international network reaching 4 continents. NBK’s international presence spans many of the world’s leading financial centers including China, Geneva, London, Paris, New York, and Singapore alongside its regional presence in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, and the UAE.

NBK is the largest financial institution in Kuwait with effective market dominance in the commercial banking market and has been consistently awarded the highest credit rating of all banks in the region from Moody's, Standard & Poor's, and Fitch Ratings.

 NBK’s Long-Term Rating:

•          Moody’s                      Aa3

•          Fitch Ratings               AA-

•          Standard & Poor’s       A+

Kuwait: NBK awarded “Best Private Banking Services Overall in Kuwait” For 2018


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has been awarded the “Best Private Banking Services Overall for 2018” in Kuwait in Euromoney’s Annual Survey surpassing global banks in wealth management and private banking services. NBK topped the list of nominees, outmatching local & international banks in the field of Private Banking Services. 

Euromoney’s Annual Survey data is compiled from the industry’s experts and analysts worldwide. NBK’s Best Private Bank awards include: “Best Private Banking Services Overall in Kuwait”, “Best Asset Management in Kuwait, Best Investment Banking Capabilities in Kuwait, Best Commercial Banking Capabilities in Kuwait, Best Family Office Services in Kuwait, Best International Clients and “Best Private Bank for Super Affluent Clients in Kuwait”. Malek Khalife, NBK's General Manager, Private Banking Group, received the awards at a glittering dinner and awards ceremony recently held in London. 

“Awarding NBK the prestigious title of " Best Private Banking Services Overall for 2018" in Kuwait for consecutive year, surpassing renowned global banks and financial institutions, reflects the constant confidence the customers vest in NBK and their appreciation of the outstanding quality of its services and products,” said Khalife. “This award is another testimony of NBK`s leading position as the highest-rated bank in the Middle East and among the 50 safest banks in the world.”

Khalife added “the excellent, strong and durable relationships NBK has always maintained with its high net-worth customers, enabled the bank to assume a unique and leading position in the field of wealth management and private banking on both local and regional markets. NBK also succeeded in maintaining the highest service quality standards while consistently endeavoring to provide the most innovative spectrum of investment and wealth management products and solutions to satisfy the increasingly changing needs of customers.”

“Thanks to its largest local and international network strategically located in the major world financial centers, NBK has always maintained a dominant and advanced position to provide the best banking and investment solutions that covers a wide range of international markets, taking into consideration the specific profile of each and every customer,” noted Khalife.

“I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to both the trust of NBK clients as well as the invaluable efforts of the Private Banking team at NBK that enabled the bank to win such a prestigious title,” said Khalife.

Euromoney is a leading British Financial magazine that organizes annually this event. The Private Banking Awards event covers over 60 countries each year. The results are voted by experts and analysts worldwide. The results are also based on other major criteria such as the services provided, asset management, wealth management and client relationship management. For more information on this award please visit

NBK continues to enjoy collectively the highest credit ratings in the region from the three international rating agencies Moody’s, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s. The Bank’s ratings are supported by its high capitalization, prudent lending policies, and its disciplined approach to risk management, in addition to its highly recognized and very stable management team. NBK was also named among Global Finance’s list of the 50 safest banks in the world for the twelve consecutive times.

NBK enjoys the widest banking presence with a local and international network reaching 4 continents. NBK’s international presence spans many of the world’s leading financial centers including New York, Europe, GCC, Middle East, Singapore as well as China (Shanghai).

Bahrain: NBK-Bahrain reports net profits of BHD 93.5 million (KD 74.9 million) for 2017, up 27% y-o-y


National Bank of Kuwait-Bahrain (NBK Bahrain), the branch of NBK Group in Bahrain, reported net profits of BHD 93.5 million(KD 74.9 million) for the year 2017 compared with BHD 73.4 million (KD 58.9 million) in 2016, a growth of 27% year-on-year.

As of end of 2017, NBK-Bahrain’s total assets increased by 13% y-o-y to BHD 5.8 billion (KD 4.6 billion), compared with BHD 5.1 billion (KD 4.1 billion) in 2016. While total shareholders’ equity increased by 19.8% y-o-y to BHD 599.6 million (KD 480.7 million). Customer deposits reached BHD 3 billion (KD 2.4 billion), up by 10.4 % y-o-y.

Isam Al-Sager, NBK Group Chief Executive Officer said “NBK-Bahrain continues its solid performance despite the challenging operating environment. The Bank’s strong results affirm the success of NBK Group’s regional expansion strategy that is built on a culture of prudence and strict risk management practices.”

“We are successfully proceeding in strengthening our position as a leading regional bank,” Al-Sager added. “NBK’s subsidiaries continue to deliver strong results contributing positively to the Group’s profitability and adding value to the growth in our business.”

Ali Fardan, NBK-Bahrain General Manager, said “This strong performance reflects our conservative management as we have consistently focused on our core business and ways to diversify sources of income. We continue to grow our operations locally by developing new products to serve our customers benefiting from the support of NBK Group.”

NBK has been present in Bahrain since 1977 and enjoys strong and historical relationships with the major Bahraini and international companies. Al Fardan added.

NBK continues to enjoy collectively one of the highest ratings among all banks in the Middle East from the three international rating agencies Moody’s, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s. The Bank’s ratings are supported by its high capitalization, prudent lending policies, and its disciplined approach to risk management, in addition to its highly recognized and very stable management team. NBK was also named among Global Finance’s list of the 50 safest banks in the world for the twelve consecutive times and was awarded as the Best Bank in Kuwait in 2017 by the Banker, Euromoney and Global Finance.

NBK enjoys the widest banking presence with a local and international network reaching 4 continents. NBK’s international presence spans many of the world’s leading financial centers including New York, Europe, GCC, Middle East, Singapore as well as China (Shanghai).

Kuwait: NBK Wins Seventh Consecutive Service Hero Award 2017


National Bank of Kuwait has won the prestigious Service Hero Award for Best Retail Bank in Kuwait for 2017. This is NBK’s seventh consecutive win in the category and reaffirms the bank’s lasting commitment to its customer-centric approach.

“NBK strives to provide the best customer service and being awarded the ‘Best Retail Bank in Kuwait’ for the seventh time in a row acknowledges the dedication of our staff who work with passion and commitment to offer the best customer service to our clients,” said Acting General Manager of Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait Mr. Mohammed Al Othman.

NBK is once again the leader in the Retail Banks category in the Service Hero 2017 Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Kuwait. The award is based upon a 100% customer assessment of 300 companies in Kuwait. Service dimensions evaluated include: reliability, speed, product quality, value, location, staff quality, call center and website. The Index also rates overall satisfaction, loyalty and comparison to an ideal.

Customers are encouraged to vote on the Service Hero website as well as to post feedback on hundreds of brands in Kuwait. Service Hero then compiles and measures customer satisfaction via an index score. It is the Arab World’s only 100% consumer powered customer satisfaction index.

Service Hero partners with the American Customer Satisfaction Index, is a member of ESOMAR and is backed by an independent advisory council to ensure all results are impartial, objective and accurately reflect the voice of the customer.

A leading brand in Kuwait and the region, NBK is known for its commitment to understanding and anticipating customer needs. Products and services are designed with a customer-centric approach, ensuring customer satisfaction at every level.

NBK’s leadership team works hand-in-hand with staff to provide the support and professional development opportunities needed to guarantee consistent best-in-class customer service. The leadership teams considers staff true partners in generating ideas about how to continually improve customer service delivery. It is through the hard work, dedication and efforts of NBK staff that the bank continues to score top honors in service and banking across industry standards.

Kuwait: NBK Welcomes the 19th Batch of Trainees


The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) Academy recently received the 19th batch of new employees.

 They met the conditions of selecting young Kuwaiti graduates to undergo special four-month training course on banking skills such as banking principles, risk management, team work, financial accounting, marketing, negotiation, consumer and corporate loans and practical training in various bank departments with the aim of working in NBK.

On this occasion, Mr. Emad Al-Ablani Group General Manager-Human Resources, stressed that NBK is proud to be one of the largest private sector investing in national youth through attracting them into the banking sector and accordingly qualifying them. Al-Ablani added that the training course was designed according to the highest international standards and latest techniques.

Al-Ablani highlighted the uniqueness of NBK Academy as the first of its kind in the Kuwaiti private sector which is specifically focused on providing training and development to the bank’s national youth. The Academy aims at developing aspiring qualified future leaders of distinctively high caliber in all advanced banking disciplines. It also aims at fulfilling the bank’s aspiration to continually improve its services and expand its growth plans, both locally and regionally.

NBK Academy reflects the bank’s vision in placing sustainable development of human resources at the top of its priorities as a strategic objective and a shared responsibility between the government – represented by its various agencies – and the private sector which should fulfil its national responsibilities and increase its contributions towards nationalization and building new leadership capacities through continuous training and development.

Kuwait: NBK honored for CIO 100 Awards by CNME


Digital innovation has become a critical component of modern banking and at the forefront, leading this development in the Middle East, stands National Bank of Kuwait. NBK’s innovative digital solutions are reshaping banking at a time when more and more customers are seeking digital options for their daily personal and business banking needs.

In the latest affirmation of the bank’s leadership position, NBK Group Information Technology has been chosen as a winner of the 2018 CIO 100 Awards, organized by Computer News Middle East (CNME) magazine. The prestigious industry award celebrates Information Technology leadership groups who are leading the development and implementation of innovative best practices in banking and finance.

NBK was honored during the annual CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony held in Dubai on 29 January 2018 and will be featured in the February 2018 issue of CNME magazine.

The award was presented to Mr. Yousef Al Kateefi, Executive Manager who received the award on behalf of the NBK Group Information Technology.

“Winning the CIO 100 Award cements NBK’s leadership role in digital innovation,” said Nikolas Sfikas, NBK’s Group CIO. “It confirms that we are not only on the right path, building stronger, safer and more efficient digital financial solutions but also that our industry peers value what we are doing.”

“NBK leads the way in developing innovative Fintech solutions with a customer-centric approach,” added “We are delighted to recognize and honor NBK’s contribution to these important developments in the Fintech sector and in technology in the Middle East.”

CNME was established more than two decades ago and enjoys a readership of 75,000 readers per month with a focus on IT issues and news of local relevance, business benefit and technology for decision makers. 

National Bank of Kuwait continues to develop award-winning digital and financial products and services. Its newly redesigned and rebuilt website, won the notable Web Marketing Association (WMA) 2017 WebAward for ‘Bank Standard of Excellence’. NBK was honored specifically for the website’s mobile-responsive and innovative design.

NBK’s Tap & Pay card and wearables are another strong example of the bank’s push for innovative digital solutions that meet the lifestyle needs of today’s customers.

Customers can learn more about NBK Tap & Pay and other products and services by visiting

Kuwait: NBK Most Valuable Banking Brand in Kuwait with a value of US $1.748 bn


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) was recognized as the most valuable banking brand in Kuwait in 2018 according to Brand Finance, the renowned brand valuation agency. NBK ranks among the Top Tier of the Most 500 Valuable Banking Brands in the world.

According to Brand Finance, NBK’s Brand value reached USD 1.748 billion, up 9.8% year-on-year. Also, NBK’s brand rating is ranked AA+, among the top in the region.

This recognition reflects customers and shareholders’ trust in NBK as well as the bank’s strong reputation locally and regionally. 

Brand Finance’s valuation assesses the dollar value of the reputation, image and intellectual property of the brand. It considers a number of relevant attributes such as financial performance, revenue forecasts, growth rates, brand strength index, sustainability and analysts’ insights, amongst others.

NBK continues to collectively enjoy the highest ratings from the three international rating agencies; Moody’s, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s. The Bank’s ratings are supported by its high capitalization, prudent lending policies, and its disciplined approach to risk management, in addition to its highly recognized and very stable management team. In 2017, NBK was also named among Global Finance’s list of the 50 safest banks in the world for twelve consecutive times.

NBK has the widest banking presence with more than 170 branches worldwide. NBK’s international presence spans many of the world’s leading financial centers including London, Paris, Geneva, New York and Singapore, as well as China (Shanghai). Meanwhile, regional coverage extends to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Turkey.

Kuwait: Kids win KD 250 with NBK’s Save & Win with Zeina


National Bank of Kuwait believes in educating children in financial literacy and savings and works through its Zeina Savings Account to promote responsible saving and spending habits. On 23 January 2018, NBK announced the final winners of the Zeina Save & Win Campaign, held in collaboration with Kidzania.

Ten lucky children won cash prizes of KD 250 each, deposited into their Zeina Savings Account. The winner’s names were announced live on Nabth Al Kuwait radio program on 88.8 FM. The draw was held in the presence of senior NBK officials and officials from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

“Zeina Save & Win was a successful campaign that raised awareness among parents and children the importance of financial literacy,” explained Amal Al-Duwaisan, Senior Manager Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait. “NBK strives to develop our future generations and offers products and services specifically tailored to suit their needs and develop their potential.”

Winners for the forth and final Zeina Save & Win campaign draw:


The Zeina Savings Accounts encourages children to learn about banking. It serves as an excellent tool for parents to teach children about saving and spending responsibly and how to utilize digital tools like NBK’s award-winning website, or the NBK mobile app to manage their account.

Children under 15 years old with an NBK Zeina savings account in their name received one entry into the quarterly draw for every KD 10 that was deposited into their account during the campaign period. Parents who set up a standing deposit order doubled their child’s chances of winning.

A total of 40 young winners were awarded the KD 250 cash prize. The Zeina Save & Win Campaign ended 31 December 2017 and the 23 January announcement is the final 10 winners.

National Bank of Kuwait, a leading Kuwait bank, has been listed among the World’s Safest Banks 12 consecutive times by Global Finance magazine. NBK enjoys the highest credit ratings by international credit rating agencies, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch Ratings.

Customers can benefit from NBK’s Rewards Loyalty Program network, the largest in Kuwait. The NBK Rewards program includes more than 700 partner outlets restaurants, fashion brands, lifestyle shops, hotels, travel and entertainment for children. Parents can set up a Zeina account for their children by visiting a local branch or website.

Kuwait: NBK Visa Signature offers access to over 800 Airport Lounges Worldwide with one complimentary guest


NBK Visa Signature Credit Card, available by invitation only, offers one of the most sought-after perks: free lounge access to the NBK Signature Credit Cardholder and a guest to over 800 lounges at more than 300 airports around the world. This is exclusively for NBK Visa Signature Credit Cardholders. The privileged ‘lounge key’ program makes traveling easier, convenient and more relaxing for NBK Credit Card cardholders.

“NBK customers travel frequently and widely. The LoungeKey program answers a real need for access to the best airport lounges around the globe,” said Mr. Jaya Rupanagudi Head Of Cards Products, National Bank of Kuwait.

NBK continually adapts and expands products and services to meet the modern lifestyle needs of its clientele. LoungeKey access provides NBK’s well-traveled customer base with a practical and important benefit.

The airport lounge access usually includes a wide selection of free food and beverages, a relaxing atmosphere often with reclining chairs and quiet areas as well as free WiFi and mobile device recharge points for the busy business traveler. Business class lounges may also include free showering facilities, concierge services and more.

Customers who accept the NBK Visa Signature Credit Card invitation can also enjoy access to the largest loyalty Reward Program in Kuwait, with more than 700 participating lifestyle brands, restaurants and shops.

Signature Visa Credit Card holders can also enroll to the best Miles Program, earning travel points for every KD spent locally or abroad; free travel insurance; fast track immigration services at 380 international airports, free valet parking, global concierge services, fraud and purchase protection and additionally benefit from access to hundreds of offers from Visa on luxury hotels ( and fine dining restaurants ().

NBK Credit Card cardholders will also be able to avail NBK Secure Shopping when making purchases online, ensuring an added layer of protection against fraud and identity theft.

NBK offers Credit Cardholders a wide array of benefits, rewards and access to fraud protection, travel insurance, concierge, discounts and promotions on hotels, car rental and fine dining as well as NBK Miles points and more. Learn more at website.

Kuwait: NBK reports net profits of KD 322.4 million for FY 2017


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) reported net profits of KD 322.4 million (USD 1,068.3 million) for the year 2017 compared with KD 295.2 million (USD 978.2 million) in 2016, growing 9.2% year-on-year.

Total assets as of year-end 2017 reached KD 26.0 billion (USD 86.3 billion) up 7.4% compared to year-end 2016, while total shareholders’ equity increased by 5.0% to KD 2.9 billion (USD 9.5 billion). Customer loans and advances reached KD 14.5 billion (USD 48.1 billion) as of year-end 2017, 6.5% up from last year’s levels. Customer deposits grew by 9.3% year-on-year to reach KD 13.8 billion (USD 45.7 billion) as of year-end 2017.

Asset quality metrics remained strong with NPL/Gross Loans ratio at 1.42% as of year-end 2017, and NPL coverage ratio at 287%; reflecting NBK’s resilient risk management approach.

NBK Board of Directors has proposed the distribution of 30 fils per share cash dividend, representing 30% of the nominal share value. The board has also proposed the distribution of a 5% bonus shares (5 shares for every 100 shares) for the year 2017.

Nasser Al-Sayer, NBK Group Chairman said “NBK recorded promising performance in 2017 demonstrating the resilience, quality and diversity of earnings in a globally challenging operating environment. The Group maintained its leadership in Kuwait while successfully strengthened synergies between its international operations to deliver an ultimate customer experience”.

“The Group’s net operating income grew by 10.4% year-on-year to KD 822.7 million (USD 2,726.3 million), primarily driven by core banking activities as business volumes continued to grow thus ensuring NBK’s successful strategy implementation” Al Sayer added.

Al-Sayer also added that “Credit growth in Kuwait remains solid supported by positive economic activity as the government’s capital spending program remains intact. Kuwait’s fiscal position is better than peers given the substantial buffers and strong sovereign ratings; creating room for acceleration in spending despite lower oil prices”.

“The Group is committed to contributing positively to Kuwait’s economic growth and remains fully supportive of the New Kuwait vision 2035. NBK’s robust financial position, strong franchise, diversified business model in addition to its regional and global presence, has positioned the Bank as the country’s foremost financial provider and the largest beneficiary of the growing government expenditure”. “Additionally, and in line with our commitment to the economic development of Kuwait; NBK remains highly committed to its corporate social responsibly being consistently the largest contributor to the community year after year”. Al-Sayer highlighted.

Isam Al-Sager, NBK’s Group Chief Executive Officer said; “the solid results of NBK reflect a period of strong growth and robust operating performance. Given the Bank’s adequate capitalization, stable funding and ample liquidity conditions; NBK continues to benefit from emerging opportunities locally and regionally, affirming the Bank’s income diversification strategy and improved profitability trends”.

“In the context of income diversification, NBK maintained its leadership position across business segments in Kuwait and further strengthened that position as Boubyan Bank continues to drive the growth on the Islamic Banking front. The acquisition of a 58.4% stake in Boubyan Bank in 2012 was a long-term strategic move by NBK. We continue to see very positive momentum at Boubyan Bank, which contributed around 14% of the Group’s profits in 2017.”

“On the other hand, NBK’s International operations remained highly profitable contributing 28% of the Group’s total profits. Our regional and international growth strategies continued to focus on Egypt and GCC countries while the improved synergies across other locations increases opportunities of cross selling and business optimization, which all supports more diversified assets, client base and income streams”. “During the year, we transformed our representative office in China to a branch and received SAMA approval to open two new branches in Saudi Arabia”, Al-Sager added.

In 2017, NBK issued USD 750 million, 5-year senior unsecured debt in May as part of a USD 3.0 billion Global Medium Term Notes (GMTN) program. Being three times oversubscribed, the issuance attracted sizable demand, especially from US investors. The issuance was priced at 29 bp above the yield on the respective Kuwait sovereign bond, the tightest spread amongst our regional peers. The issuance comes in line with the Bank’s strategy of enhancing its funding profile by diversifying the funding sources and extending the liabilities’ duration.

The Group maintained strong levels of capitalization throughout the year. As of end-December 2017, NBK’s capital adequacy ratio (CAR) reached 17.8%, comfortably exceeding regulatory requirements.

NBK continues to enjoy collectively one of the highest ratings among all banks in the Middle East from the three international rating agencies Moody’s, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s. The Bank’s ratings are supported by its high capitalization, prudent lending policies, and its disciplined approach to risk management, in addition to its highly recognized and very stable management team. NBK was also named among Global Finance’s list of the 50 safest banks in the world for twelve consecutive times and was awarded as the Best Bank in Kuwait in 2017 by the Banker, Euromoney and Global Finance.

NBK enjoys the widest banking presence with a local and international network reaching 4 continents. NBK’s international presence spans many of the world’s leading financial centers including New York, Europe, Singapore and China; in addition to its presence in MENA.

Kuwait: NBK Al Shabab prepaid cardholders enjoy 50% discount on KNCC tickets every weekend


National Bank of Kuwait makes the most of each customer’s banking experience by offering special discounts and rewards tailored to suit their lifestyles. Now Al Shabab prepaid card holders can get more fun out of their weekends with a massive 50% discount on movie tickets at (Cinescape) cinemas.

“NBK customers enjoy sharing their weekends with family and friends,” explained Ms. Dalal Yousef Al-Mulla, Marketing Planning and Execution Manager at the Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait. “We are delighted to collaborate with the Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC) the leading company in the Cinema industry to provide this valuable offer for NBK Al Shabab Prepaid Cardholders.”

Each account holder can purchase one (Standard 2D/ 3D) ticket per day at the discounted price every Friday and Saturday.

Kuwaiti college or university students ages 17 to 23 may apply for an Al Shabab prepaid card online. The recharge-as-you-go feature, available online or through the NBK smart phone App, helps students budget their monthly allowance, making it easy for them to transfer money as needed for expenditure while tracking all spending.

NBK Al Shabab Prepaid Card holders enjoy valuable, exclusive benefits including access to Kuwait’s single largest loyalty reward program, NBK Rewards, with more than 700 partner outlets. Shabab Prepaid Card holders also receive exclusive discounts, including pop up offers, contract and annual deals like 20% off yearly membership to Platinum Health Club.

NBK Al Shabab prepaid cardholders also enjoy exclusive access to many innovative products and services like online Secure Shopping and Tap & Pay wearables. NBK is the only bank in Kuwait which offers the Tap & Pay service on stickers and wristbands which simplify and ease payments while taking contactless payments even further. To pay for any transactions up to KD 10, Shabab prepaid cardholders simply tap their card, sticker or wristband on the POS machine. Any transaction above KD 10 will require a PIN to be entered on the POS terminal.

The innovative service highlights NBK’s drive to introduce best-in-class banking products and services and cutting-edge technology to provide the ultimate banking experience without compromising on security. NBK’s Tap & Pay service adheres to the highest international security standards, further supporting NBK’s position as one of the 50 safest banks in the world.

Visit to learn more.

Kuwait: NBK grants children’s wishes: Mahdi visits Ferrari World through Kuwait Airways


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) continues its “I Dream to Be” initiative, a first-of-a-kind initiative that aims at granting wishes for children with severe illnesses around Kuwait, giving them the chance to live their dreams.

Mahdi Abdul Aziz who is undergoing treatment at NBK Hospital, has always dreamt to visit Ferrari World. NBK helped in making his dream come true and visit this entertainment city through Kuwait Airways.

Before going on the flight, NBK team welcomed Mahdi and his family at the airport where he was briefed about his trip and the activities waiting ahead.

Upon Arrival, Mahdi enjoyed a tour over Abu Dhabi where he stayed two days, one of which he spent enjoying all the adventures in his city of dreams “Ferrari World”.

 “Mahdi’s dream to become a pilot is yet another wish granted through NBK’s initiative “I dream to be”. We are proud to be a part of the children’s dreams and expand our support to them as much as possible,” said Joanne Al Abdul Jaleel, NBK Public relations officer.

“I Dream to be initiative is a lifetime experience for children not only with life-threatening conditions but children with special needs as well,” she added. “This initiative is a great way to spread joy and show that there’s always a positive side to a difficult situation. We ask children what they want to be and try to fulfill that for them.”

NBK gives top priority to children through its commitment to its corporate social responsibility. NBK works closely with the Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospitals (KACCH), Bayt Abdullah for the Care of Children in Hospice (BACCH) and several other special needs organizations to maximize its reach to all the children in numerous hospitals and schools.

NBK has been at the forefront of supporting Kuwait’s community through a range of initiatives towards education, health, sports and social responsibilities. The establishment of NBK’s Children Hospital for Oncology and Hematology at Al Sabah Medical Area stands as one of many ongoing corporate social initiatives towards health and children. “I dream to be” aims at focusing and supporting NBK’s efforts towards children and addressing their needs as much as possible.

Kuwait: Protect yourself when shopping online with NBK Secure Shopping


NBK continually innovates products and services to suit the lifestyle needs of its customers. NBK Secure Shopping is tailored to provide NBK customers with a simple, safe and secure way to shop online and keep their credit card details protected.

Around 57% of adults in Kuwait regularly shop online, according to a recent Ipsos study. Items most often purchased include clothes (53%), travel (48%), perfumes (11%), electronics (10%) cosmetics (8 percent) and shoes (7%) as well as household items, toys, games and handbags.  

“Purchasing goods and services online is a part of modern life and NBK works diligently to protect our customers,” explained Hanadi Khazal, Assistant General Manager- Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait.

The process is simple and free. NBK customers can utilize the secure shopping facility automatically whenever shopping online. They will be directed to a secure webpage that asks for a one-time password (OTP). The OTP is sent to NBK credit card and debit cardholders via e-mail and SMS. Once a customer receives the OTP, he/she can input the one-time password to complete the purchase.

“Customers pay for online purchases with debit cards 55% of the time and pay with credit cards around 38% of purchases online. By creating NBK Secure Shopping in partnership with Mastercard Secure Code and Verified by Visa, NBK makes using credit cards a smarter, safer choice when shopping online,” said Khazal.

The added layer of security ensures that the person making the purchases is the cardholder. NBK credit card and debit cardholders do not need to register to avail of the NBK Secure Shopping facility.

NBK Secure Shopping is part of the bank’s long term effort to ensure the safety and security of its customers’ digital financial transactions. NBK offers a variety of safety features for online transactions. It also maintains its position among the 50 safest banks in the world for the 12th consecutive year.

NBK continues to collectively enjoy the highest credit ratings from the three international rating agencies: Moody’s, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s. The bank’s ratings are supported by its high capitalization, prudent lending policies, and disciplined approach to risk management, in addition to its highly recognized and very stable management team.

Kuwait: NBK team puts ‘Innovation’ into practice


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) participated in the Innovation Challenge program organized by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) in cooperation with UCLA Anderson School of Management.

The program is aimed to develop the team’s innovation capabilities through resolution of a challenge or a specific innovation project related to NBK.

The Innovation Challenge started in Kuwait on Jan 7, 2017 and will continue for 4 months. Towards the end of the program, the assigned team will undergo the final module in UCLA Anderson School of Management.

NBK is committed to being one of the biggest advocates of corporate social responsibility in Kuwait, and in specific in the fields of education, supporting students and national talents. The Bank believes in the importance of providing Kuwaiti youth with the opportunities that will enable them to perform and demonstrate their capabilities, as well as in investing in them through training programs held throughout the year to help them gain experience and qualifications and arm them to enter the work market.

NBK places as well great importance in supporting the development of its employees through specialized training programs designed as per academic and scientific standards, providing them with diversified training and professional development programs which are delivered by leaders in the banking and financial sector.

Kuwait: NBK announces largest network of NBK Tap & Pay enabled POS terminals in Kuwait


The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) continues to introduce innovative payment solutions through the NBK Tap & Pay, available for wristbands and stickers, placing it as one of the most advanced non-traditional payment technologies in Kuwait and the Gulf, giving customers the ability to pay with a simple tap at POS terminals.

With the largest network NBK Tap & Pay terminals in Kuwait comprising of 6,900 terminals, NBK allows users to pay with a tap by using the wristband, sticker, credit or debit cards, or pre-paid cards to make secure payments at restaurants and retail stores, adapting to the lifestyle of customers.

Sanad Al-Shatti, Senior Manager- Products, Consumer Banking Group at NBK said: "NBK Tap & Pay service has seen an unprecedented response from youth as it suits their lifestyle, and saves them time and effort by using an innovative service that is designed with the latest banking technology and highest standards of safety and privacy.”

Al-Shatti added: “The service enables customers to let go of their money wallet and other banking cards thanks to a secure and easy-to-use payment solution that utilizes NBK Tap & Pay wristband and sticker. The new service complies with international security standards, further strengthening the Bank’s position as one of the 50 most secure banks in the world.”

Al-Shatti also said that the NFC technology in the wristband and sticker allows customers to easily make payments for daily purchases that do not exceed KD10 by simply tapping them to the NBK Tap & Pay enabled POS terminals, without the need to enter a PIN code or sign a receipt. As for payments ranging from KD10 and KD100, customers can use the NBK Tap & Pay service by tapping the POS terminal and entering their PIN Code.

He continued saying that customers receive points to their NBK rewards program when using the NBK Tap & Pay wristband, sticker and cards at more than 700 participating stores. NBK's online and mobile services also allow customers to complete their banking transactions in the place and time that suits their needs.

The NBK Tap & Pay service comes as part of NBK’s continued efforts to provide customers with the best international banking products and services, using the latest technology and offering a superior banking experience without compromising on the security of customer’s accounts and the confidentiality of their information.

Al-Shatti added that NBK cards also provide free travel insurance, covering a total value of US$1 million as part of the Bank’s endeavors to provide convenience and safety to its customers when travelling.

He pointed out that customers are always notified by SMS of changes to their bank account or credit card, and are immediately answered to through the NBK WhatsApp service. Free international call service is also offered through the Bank’s telephone service to eight countries, in addition to ATMs, cash deposits and other banking products and services.

Award-winning NBK is committed to developing products and services that suit the different lifestyles of customers for the present and the future. For more information about the NBK Tap & Pay and the Bank's innovative products and services, please visit

Kuwait: NBK: Gold sponsor of the Energy Strategy Forum for Third Year in a Row


The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) announced its gold sponsorship of the Energy Strategy Forum for the third year in a row, which will be held on January 31 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Kuwait.

NBK will participate in the Forum, which will be hosted by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and the Petroleum Economist and inaugurated by His Excellency the Minister of Oil and the Minister of Electricity and Water, Bakhit Al-Rashidi, and the Chief Executive Officer of KPC, Mr. Nizar Al-Adasani. The Forum will be attended by high-level economic executives from Kuwait and the region in addition to representatives of international oil and gas companies. 

In the first panel of the Forum titled “Achieving Balance in the Oil Market in 2018”, Senior Economist at NBK, Mr. Omar Al-Nakib, will discuss the outlook for the oil market in 2018 and provide insights on the key factors and trends affecting oil prices. The panel will also focus on the Saudi-Russian cooperation, the prospects for shale oil and the strategies adopted by non-OPEC oil producers, with a view to assessing their impact on the oil market.

The first panel will also discuss the crude production capacity of Gulf countries, the most significant changes expected to take place in 2018, the dollar’s impact on oil prices, and the impact of China’s decision to price oil in its currency.

The second panel of the Forum, titled “Challenges in Financing Energy Amidst Market Changes”, will host the Managing Director Head of Investment Banking at NBK Capital, Mr. Rani Selwanes. The panel will discuss challenges in financing oil projects in the context of low oil prices, expected capital spending on oil projects and convenient debt ratios on the medium term as well as the impact of governance and transparency requirements on national oil companies.

The participation of NBK in the Forum is borne out of the bank’s desire to share its expertise to support the Kuwaiti oil sector and reaffirm its commitment to the long-standing strategic partnership with KPC and its subsidiaries; NBK has been KPC’s leading banking partner for over four decades. 

NBK maintains its leading position as the highest ranked credit institution among banks in the Middle East, as rated by the three international credit rating agencies, Moody’s, Fitch and Standard & Poor’s. The ratings are supported by a series of strong performance metrics such as high capitalization, sound debt policies, a systematic risk management approach, as well as a highly-capable management team. NBK is also ranked among the 50 safest banks in the World for the 12th year in a row by Global Finance.

Kuwait: NBK sponsors LOYAC’s 8-day trip to Thailand


The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) recently sponsored an eight-day trip organized by LOYAC to Thailand for over 18 young volunteers aged 14-18. The trip included various activities designed to probe local culture through field work, visits to Thailand’s landmarks such as rice farms, elephants’ conservations as well as taking part in field voluntary activities.

 In this regard, NBK’s PR Manager Ya’qoub Al-Baqer stressed that NBK is always keen on supporting the youth by sponsoring such educational and training programs that encourage them to open to

other cultures, develop their skills and knowledge, think about their own future as well as develop their academic and practical experiences.

Al-Baqer also stressed that sponsoring the trip came as part of NBK’s constant support to LOYAC’s activities which are aimed at empowering Kuwaiti youth and developing their skills. Further, Al-

Baqer added that the program included visiting some local schools and taking part in workshops to teach Thai pupils English.

 He added that the trip also included some seminars about Thai cuisine, language, music and traditions including some famous martial art lessons.


Kuwait: NBK provides dedicated Business Banking Call Centre agent


National Bank of Kuwait has established dedicated team of Business Banking professionals to answer questions on the NBK Call Center hotline, 1801-801 anytime day or night.

The dedicated agents can help Business Banking clients activate new and existing credit cards, close or freeze a lost or stolen credit card or ATM card, activate e-pin and reset password for the Watani Online and answer queries on  Business facilities, Business Credit cards,  Online salary Portal, Point of Sale, Cash pick up and types of deposits etc.

“NBK has identified the needs of Kuwait’s growing entrepreneurial class of SME owners,” said Mr. Bader Al Mutawa, Assistant General Manager Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait. “We have created specialized, tailored services to these customers’ needs and support their business growth.”

Benefits of the specialized Business Banking call center services includes 24 hours, seven days a week availability. This will support businesses around the clock and help prevent business disruptions or interruptions.

NBK Business Banking offers banking and payment solutions for local businesses in Kuwait, where customers can avail of payment services including POS and payment gateway. They can also sign up for access to salary portal, providing an efficient, secure and convenient way to pay employee salaries.

As part of its commitment to a safe and stable business environment for Kuwait, NBK also provides business insurance including buildings, stocks, business interruptions, cash cover, fidelity and life insurance.

National Bank of Kuwait is also the bank of choice for businesses with long term regional or global expansion ambitions. NBK’s regional coverage extends to Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE.

NBK Group has the widest banking presence, available across four continents. NBK’s international presence includes many of the world’s leading financial centers: Geneva, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore.

Customers can apply for a business banking account by visiting the award-winning interactive website or by visiting one of our 13 branches that Business Banking representatives are  available: Head Office, Surra, Shuwaikh, Al Tadamoun, Mubaker Al Kabeer, Jabriya, Arraya Tower 2 (fifth floor), Fintas, Salwa, Ras Salmiya ( 3rd floor), Hawally, Sharq and Ghazalli .

Kuwait: NBK welcomes 696 Kuwaiti graduates in the period from 2015 to 2017


As part of the Bank's strategic vision to support national talents, the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) announced that it has welcomed 696 Kuwaiti graduates of universities in Kuwait, the United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK) in its team during the period from 2015 to 2017. Graduates of Kuwaiti universities represented the largest share of new employments, reaching 87%. New employees graduated from universities in US and UK reached 13%.

Graduates of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) ranked first in the number of new employees at NBK during the period, representing 31%, followed by Kuwait University graduates representing 16%, Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) 13%, the American University of the Middle East (AUM) 7%, the American University of Kuwait (AUK) 7%, American College of the Middle East (ACM) 6%, the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) 5% and Box Hill College 2%.


Speaking of these percentages, NBK General Manager of Human Resources, Emad Ahmad Al-Ablani, said: "NBK continues to lead among private sector companies which open their doors to Kuwaiti graduates, attracting national talents and encouraging them to work in the private sector.”


Al-Ablani stated that NBK has signed many strategic partnerships with Kuwaiti universities, mainly Kuwait University, PAAET and GUST. These partnerships aim to provide support for Kuwaiti youth to help them gain more experience to enter the labor market through training and work opportunities.


NBK is committed to being one of the biggest advocates of corporate social responsibility in Kuwait, and in specific in the fields of education, supporting students and national talents. The Bank believes in the importance of providing Kuwaiti youth with the opportunities that will enable them to perform and demonstrate their capabilities, as well as in investing in them through training programs held throughout the year to help them gain experience and qualifications and arm them to enter the work market.


NBK places as well great importance in supporting the development of its employees through specialized training programs designed as per academic and scientific standards, providing them with diversified training and professional development programs which are delivered by leaders in the banking and financial sector.

Kuwait: NBK jointly with Visa sends you and a friend to The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Final in Moscow


National Bank of Kuwait knows its customers well and creates the best rewards tailored to their tastes and interest. Now NBK card holders can earn a chance to win 3 tickets to see the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Final courtesy of Visa in Moscow in July, 2018.

Win a chance for you and a friend (2 people in total) to attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Final match and see your favorite teams battle it out for the ultimate victory. NBK credit card holders will enter into the draw one time for each KD 1 they spend locally and enter 3 times for each KD 1 they spend abroad. NBK Debit Cardholders will earn 3 times for each KD 1 spend abroad and on international websites.

“Football is a favorite pastime for many in Kuwait and NBK proudly partners with Visa to create this amazing reward package,” said Mohammed Al Othman, Deputy General Manager- Consumer Banking Group, National Bank of Kuwait. “We give our customers the best rewards because we believe in developing long term, lasting and loyal relationships.”

Nearly 98% of available tickets for the FIFA World Cup final to be held in Moscow, Russia in July 2018 sold out in the first 24 hours, making tickets to the match one of the most sought after events of the global football season. The FIFA World Cup finals pits some of the globe’s best and strongest teams against each other in what are considered the premier sporting event of the world.

NBK credit card and debit card holders are eligible for the draw, which will take place after the campaign period, which runs from Beginning from 1 January 2018 until 17 March 2018.

“NBK credit card holders enjoy exclusive, premier rewards, promotions and discounts,” explained Al Othman.

Choose from Visa and find the credit card that suits your needs. NBK’s Reward Program is the largest loyalty program in the region with more than 700 lifestyle retailers, shops and restaurants.

Customers can learn more about NBK credit cards by visiting the award-winning newly redesigned website. Check out the ‘Right for me’ comparison tool to help choose the right card for you.

Kuwait: NBK Children’s Specialty Hospital launches “Diwaniya” initiative, attended by Minister of Health and Group CEO


In its endeavors to develop and provide the highest level of services in a family-oriented and healthy environment, the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) Children’s Specialty Hospital launched the “Diwaniya” initiative which aims to create a direct communication channel between parents of patients, heads of departments and the medical team, and exchange suggestions and opinion. The launch of the initiative was attended by His Excellence the Minister of Health, Sheikh (Dr.) Bassel Al-Sabah, as well as NBK Group CEO, Mr. Isam Jassem Al Sager, and the President of the NBK Children’s Specialty Hospital, Dr. Maitham Hussain.

In their visit to the “Diwaniya”, HE Sheikh Bassel Al-Sabah and Mr. Isam Al Sager listened to patients and their parents, which was also attended by members of the Hospital’s boards, heads of the departments and the public relations team at NBK. A tour of the different divisions of the Hospital followed, as well as distribution of gifts to young patients.

The “Diwaniya” aims to enhance communication with parents of patients to listen to their suggestions and observations of the level of healthcare services provided by the Hospital. The Diwaniya will be held monthly where parents can speak to the heads of departments and medical team directly. The initiative comes as part of a series of development programs that will be implemented as part of the strategy of the NBK Children’s Specialty Hospital.

The Hospital has also put in place a mechanism to measure patient and parent satisfaction through recurrent surveys about the Hospital’s services.

NBK Children’s Specialty Hospital is committed to international standards in providing healthcare and rehabilitation services for children ill with cancer and blood diseases, in addition to cases that require stem cells transplant. The Hospital’s strategy emanates from its core values of providing healthcare services in a family-oriented environment, and working together as one integrated team to excel in healthcare.

The Hospital has also a comprehensive program of social and leisure activities targeting patients and their parents. These include bi-weekly movie nights for in-patients, a reading corner, a library and reading sessions, fun activities as well as many other activities held in the out-patient clinics, which are sponsored by NBK. 

NBK Children’s Specialty Hospital also offers supportive, encouraging and awareness programs for the nursing and medical crew through medical and strategic seminars.

The “Diwaniya” program is anchored in NBK’s commitment to its social responsibility toward children, by not only providing healthcare services, but also emotional care, support, easing the treatment process and offer all kinds of activities to lift patients’ spirits and help them recover faster.

Last June, NBK and the Ministry of Health inaugurated the Stem Cell Therapy Unit at the NBK Children’s Specialty Hospital allocated in the Al Sabah Medical area. The Unit is the first project of its kind in Kuwait to provide free bone narrow transplant for children under 16 years of age, as part of the largest initiative within the private sector and an expansion plan of the Hospital.