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    The Board of Directors of National Bank of Kuwait is pleased to invite the shareholders to attend Ordinary General Assembly meeting scheduled to be held at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday 23rd of March 2024, either by attending and voting directly at the Bank’s headquarters located in Kuwait City - Al Shuhada Street, or by attending and voting through the electronic system in accordance with Policies and Procedures for Electronic General Assemblies issued by Kuwait Clearing Company, the right to attend the aforementioned Ordinary General Assembly will be for shareholders registered in the Bank’s Ledger of Shareholders on Sunday 10th of March 2024, and the final date for purchasing the shares to entitle the right to attend this Assembly will be on Tuesday 5th of March 2024, these dates apply to any postponed Ordinary General Assembly meeting, to discuss the topics listed in the agenda. Read More


Passion, Integrity, Conservatism, and Knowledge—our core values—have been an integral part of our business strategies, decisions, and relationships. In addition to providing superb financial services, we strive relentlessly to bring about measurable economic, social, and environmental benefits to our region. We attempt to support numerous social initiatives that attain economic prosperity, protect our environment and people, and thus build healthy communities.