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The minimum deposit is KD 50 and maximum deposit is KD 500,000.

In case of no withdrawal within the holding period, extra chances will apply.

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Loans Against Cash Collateral


With NBK's Loan Against Term Deposit, you can get funds easily with a fast processing time. The loan may also be obtained against cash collateral with flexible payments to be made either monthly or at term maturity.

Terms and conditions apply

Who Can Apply?

If you have a flexible or term deposit or cash collateral with NBK and need urgent money, you can now take a loan up to 100% of the cash collateral in a faster way.

What should I know?

  • You can get a loan against your term deposit or cash collateral
  • The minimum loan amount is KD 5,000
  • The maximum loan amount is up to100% of the term deposit or cash collateral amount
  • The loan term can be from 1 year to 15 years subject to the maturity of the deposit*

*Terms and conditions apply

What do I need?

Call 1801801 for more details or visit your nearest NBK Branch.


  1. What is the minimum and maximum loan amount I can get?

    Minimum loan amount is KD 5,000 and maximum is KD 500,000 against 100% of the KD deposit/cash collateral amount.

  2. Are there any fees for the loans against cash collateral?

    Yes, minimal fees apply as per the tariff list and approved fees. Around KD 25 fees are charged for the mortgage contract and other contracts fees.

  3. How long does the loan need to be funded in customer’s account?

    Same day or within 2 days in case all required conditions are met.

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