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The minimum deposit is KD 50 and maximum deposit is KD 500,000.

In case of no withdrawal within the holding period, extra chances will apply.

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  • Important Notice

    NBK will never ask you for your account number, card number, CVV, OTP/PIN numbers over the phone, Viber, WhatsApp or any other means. Please do not disclose your personal information to anyone. Learn more

NBK Rewards Program


You make an effort to spend your money wisely - saving where you can and splurging when it’s necessary. However, you’d like to save more and get more benefits - that’s where NBK Rewards Program comes in.

The NBK Rewards Program is Kuwait’s largest loyalty program with more than 900 partner outlets across Kuwait. As an NBK Credit Cardholder, your rewards are guaranteed at hundreds of the best local and international brands that will satisfy your fashion, dining, and lifestyle needs.

When using any of your NBK Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard or Diners Club) at participating rewards partner outlets, you are rewarded with NBK Rewards Points.

Who is it for?

The NBK Rewards Program is for all NBK Credit Card holders (Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club).

How does it work?

  • Getting NBK Rewards Points is easy. All you need to do is use any of your NBK Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard or Diners Club) at any of our participating outlets
  • You are rewarded with up to 20% of what you originally spent in the form of NBK Rewards Points

How do I earn?

  • Earn 10 reward points for every KD 1 spend at any participating partner outlet*  
  • Rewards Points can be redeemed at any participating outlet
  • You can check the available points balance and its equivalent KD value on your NBK Online Banking account or by calling NBK Call Center at 1801801.

*Terms and conditions apply

How do I redeem NBK Rewards Points?

  • The Instant Cash Back Redemption service is available for NBK Rewards Points, whereby you can purchase/shop using NBK Rewards Points in the participating outlets instantly
  • You can use your NBK Rewards Points to pay for all or part of your shopping at all participating outlets, instantly at the Point of Sale machines (POS), while paying for your purchase
  • A minimum balance of KD 5 in the form of NBK Rewards Points is required for redemption service
  • You are allowed to transfer your points between your own accounts by calling NBK Call Center at 1801801
  • Use our Rewards Calculator under NBK Tools to see how much points you can earn

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is automatic when you have an NBK Credit Card.

Terms & Conditions

  • NBK reserves the right to make any changes to the program, including the ways in which points are earned and redeemed, the terms of the program, the expiry of accrued points, the limits to the accumulation of points, to modify or cancel the loyalty program conditions (including the number of points issued for a qualifying purchase), regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, participants, eligible cards, rewards and reward levels in whole or part at any time, even though changes may affect the value of points or rewards already accumulated; all as may be determined by NBK in its sole discretion
  • NBK Rewards Points are not transferable. The Cardholder is prohibited from transferring their points to any other person for the purpose of receiving benefit of another customer’s purchases. The cardholder is also prohibited from transferring in any way whatsoever the benefit of redeeming points accumulated on the account. Only the registered Cardholder may redeem points in its KD value equivalent
  • Program violations, fraud or abuse in relation to points or reward usage is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by appropriate governmental authorities, including, without limitation, the forfeiture of all point transfers, rewards, vouchers, or merchandise issued pursuant to point redemptions and any accrued points in the customer’s account, as well as cancellation of the customer’s bank account and future participation in the NBK Rewards Program.
  • NBK Rewards Points will expire if not redeemed within 24 months from the date of earning them. Expired points will not be reinstated
  • NBK Rewards vouchers, including renewal/reprinting service, has been decommissioned; you can enjoy the instant redemption service directly at the participating outlets. Expired NBK Rewards vouchers can no longer be used
  • NBK Rewards Points cannot be earned during the sales periods of the participating outlets. This also applies to items which are not on sale during the store's official sale period
  • The Cardholder has no right to accumulate or use the points accumulated as a result of the use of the card other than for his personal purposes and purchases, unless the Bank determines otherwise, in any of its special offers
  • In the event of the repetition of use of the same points by any means, NBK shall have the right to deduct the value of the repeatedly used points from any amounts available in the account of the Cardholder at NBK, or, to debit this amount on the debit side of such account
  • The points due to the customer pursuant to NBK Rewards Program may be displayed on the Point of Sale machines at the participating outlets of the program
  • Customers who are overdue on their credit card payments are excluded from the instant redemption service, until the overdue amount has been paid
  • NBK Rewards Points are non-reversible/refundable once used
  • Interpretations of program terms & conditions shall be at the sole discretion of NBK. Neither the program nor any benefit offered by the program creates, constitutes or gives rise to any legal or contractual rights by members against National Bank of Kuwait
  • In case of missing points; It can be claimed up to maximum of 3 months commencing from the transaction date, or such points will not be credited to your account
  • Points are earned based on the discount percentage offered as well as the minimum spend (if any)
  • All promotions are provided by a third party without any liability on the part of National Bank of Kuwait SAKP or any of its employees
  • NBK Rewards Points cannot be earned in conjunction with any other discount or offer
  • NBK Rewards Points accumulation and redemption are not valid on online transactions
  • Points inaccurately accumulated during the official sale periods of NBK Rewards Partner Outlets will be reversed
  • NBK Reward redemption shall not be applicable to purchases made with Apple Pay / Samsung Pay, or any other wearable payment devices as the card information read from these devices is encrypted and tokenized (for added security) and the corresponding Rewards balance is not retrievable


  1. What is POS Redemption?

    POS Redemption service will allow NBK Credit Cardholders to instantly redeem their NBK Rewards Points balance on the spot at the Point of Sale Machines (i.e. shop or restaurant) while paying for their purchases in participating NBK Rewards Outlets. This means that the NBK Rewards Points can be used to pay for their purchases.

  2. What is the validity of NBK Rewards Points?

    NBK Rewards Points balance is valid for 24 months from the date of the transaction.

  3. Can I accumulate and redeem points through all NBK cards?

    No, only through using NBK Credit Cards.